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Seven Peaks
Pass of All Passes + $20 Target Gift Card for $29.95 (plus tax)
(801) 377-4FUN
Out of Stock
Details and Restrictions

All Print At Home Product Sales Are Final

Rules of the Deal
*Be sure to complete the Redemption Instructions below after completing your purchase on CityDeals. The instructions will also be listed on your Print@Home voucher.
*See the UPDATED FAQ section below to answer any additional questions you may have including how to find the status of your passes.
May only be redeemed online at
- Buy or renew your Utah Pass of All Passes for 12 months 
- Includes a $20 Target gift card for each pass you buy 
- Gift card will be mailed to you by Seven Peaks when you redeem your Pass of All Passes online
- May take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive from the date you submit online
- The $32 price is after sales tax has been added
- Purchase any quantity
Expiration Dates:
CityDeals Redemption Code expires 6 months from date of purchase
Pass of All Passes will expire one year from the date it is mailed out or one year from June 1, 2013, whichever comes first
 >Forms submitted before June 1, 2013 will have an expiration date of one year from when it is mailed out
 >Forms submitted after June 1, 2013 will expire on June 1, 2014

Terms of Use

Valid Locations
Valid at all locations

  Redemption Instructions:                                  

1. Once you've completed your purchase on CityDeals, obtain the Redemption Code from each of your Print@Home vouchers. Vouchers are available immediately after completing your purchase, or go to the My Printable Products section of your CityDeals account.
2. Submit a form for EACH passholder on (detailed instructions are on the Seven Peaks site, photos of each passholder are required)
3. If you redeemed for a NEW pass, it will be mailed to you along with your $20 gift card.
    If you renewed an EXISTING pass you will continue to use the same Pass card and an email will be sent confirming your renewal has been processed, the $20 gift card will be mailed to you by Seven Peaks.
*Because of the high volume of orders, it could take up to 6-8 weeks for Seven Peaks to process once you've submitted your form online. We suggest submitting your form to Seven Peaks as soon as possible. This offer may only be redeemed online. 


How do I check the status of my passes?
If you have already sent in the online forms, you can contact the Seven Peaks fulfillment team at (801) 373-8777. CityDeals is unable to check the status of your passes.
CityDeals is aware they are running behind and understand the frustration many people are experiencing. Here are a few suggestions:
- Ensure you have submitted your online forms to Seven Peaks (simply purchasing on CityDeals does not complete the process
- When calling Seven Peaks, it may take several attempts to get a live rep due to call volume. Instead of leaving a voicemail, try calling back another time
- You have the option to email them at but we suggest calling instead
The Seven Peaks fulfillment team has extended their hours and hired extra staff to catch up on all orders. CityDeals and Seven Peaks would like to thank everyone for their continued patience. 
Can I use my pass while I wait for the actual cards to arrive?
Just announced by Seven Peaks! Effective immediately, your Print@Home vouchers are valid as your Pass of All Passes at ALL venues and events through Friday, May 24th. Simply present your voucher/pass at the respective venue ticket offices.  The year on your Pass of All Passes begins when the pass is shipped, so this is bonus time!  
How do I obtain my CityDeals Redemption Code?
You can view or print immediately after completing your purchase on CityDeals (Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is required). You may also obtain it later by logging into your account, then going to My Printable Products. Click on PRINT under the Action column. Each separate voucher that you purchased will be listed and each one will have a unique Redemption Code.  
My pass came with a bonus gift card, how do I get that?
This will be mailed to you by Seven Peaks when you submit your online form. This may take up to 6-8 weeks from the day you submit your forms online. CityDeals does not send out these cards.
I currently have a Pass but it doesn't expire for a while, if I redeem now will I lose those months?
No, if you are a current Pass holder and you submit another Redemption Code, it will extend your Pass 12 months on top of your current expiration date. You must have your current Pass of All Passes card on-hand. 
Can you explain the expiration dates?
- CityDeals sells Redemption Codes that expire 6 months from the date of purchase. You must submit these codes to Seven Peaks within 6 months or else they will disappear from the My Printable Products section of your account.
- ONCE YOU'VE SUBMITTED YOUR CODES ONLINE: the actual Pass of All Passes will be good for 12 months from the date it is mailed out to you. Currently, passes take 6-8 weeks to process, that time does NOT count as part of your 12 months.
- The $20 gift card is subject to the merchant's policies. Read the card for details
Can the Pass be upgraded to include tubes and parking?
Yes, right now CityDeals offers tube and parking deals. Click here to see those and other food and ice cream deals. 
What happens if rentals/events included on the Pass sell out?
All rentals and events will be given on a first-come/first-serve basis. Seating may be limited.
At what age do children need a pass?
If your child is three or older they will need a standard Pass of All Passes. Children two and younger get into Seven Peak venues for free.
How many passes can be purchased?
As many as you want. You will receive a gift card for each pass that you buy. If you want to buy more than 10, once you are in your cart, enter the amount of Passes you want in the "Qty" box and click the "Update Shopping Cart" button.


  What's Included:                                              

Utah Pass of All Passes includes:
- Seven Peaks Water Park Provo
- Seven Peaks Water Park Salt Lake
- Seven Peaks Fun Center Lehi
- Seven Peaks Fun Center Orem
- Seven Peaks Fun Center Sandy
- Planet Play
- Hollywood Connection*
- Ogden Raptors Baseball
- Orem Owlz Baseball
- Real Salt Lake
- Utah Blaze Arena Football
- Utah Valley University Sports
- Rocky Mountain Raceways
- Tracy Aviary
- BYU Men's Basketball
- BYU Men's Lacrosse
- BYU Men's Soccer
- BYU Hockey
- Peaks Ice Arena
- Salt Lake Bees
- University of Utah Athletics
- Utah Grizzlies
- Towne Cinemas (American Fork)
*Pass of All Passes UPGRADE featuring Hollywood Connection for a limited time!
Valid Monday - Thursday, through May!
All Passholders are automatically eligible for the following at Hollywood Connection in West Valley:
- Unlimited Rides
- Unlimited Mini Golf
- Unlimited Skating (quad skate rental is free, blade rentals are not included)
If you haven't received your actual pass yet, you can use your CityDeals Print@Home voucher* to gain access.  (available immediately after purchase)
*Print@Home voucher may not be used to access any other Pass venue, all other venues will still require actual Pass of All Passes.
For a complete list of up-to-date information, event dates and benefit restrictions 


The Reviews Are In
Most Recent Customer Reviews
Pass of all passes
May 3, 2013
by Upset
I have submitted my vouchers with our family photos on 2/16/2013 and now we are headed into may and I have not seen them or received my target gift cards. Every time I call they tell me they are in the mail and should be here this week. That has happened the last three weeks! If you buy this don't expect your passes or gift cards any time soon.

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Customers Also Bought
Jane G.
Does each pass you buy get a $20.00 gift card, or is it one gift card per customer?
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discussthedeal ..
You will receive a $20 gift card for EACH pass that you purchase.
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Jana E.
This deal is "while supplies last"... how long has this deal been going on and how do we know if we the gift cards are still available? Do we contact Seven Peaks?
Report abuse
discussthedeal ..
As long as the deal is on-site and you purchase the offer, you will be guaranteed to receive the gift card(s). All purchases will be honored by Seven Peaks. We are working closely with them to ensure that the deal comes off-site when they decide to discontinue it. --CityDeals .com
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Krystal L.
My daughter is currently 2, but will turn 3 in July. If I buy passes now, do I need to buy one for her?
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discussthedeal ..
If you want her to have pass benefits when she turns three, then yes. I'd suggest buying this offer now while it is available and redeem when she turns 3. If you try to purchase a pass in July I'm pretty certain they won't have an offer like this still available.
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